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Clinique hus,hu

Holistic Beauty Program

We will change the future of your skin
with 1:1 customized treatment of Clinique hus,hu

Beauty Program

What is the Holistic Beauty Program?

It is the first program that customers who visit Clinique hus,hu meet,
Using a more scientific VISIA Program and 3D camera VECTRA.
We provide a holistic solution by digging deep into the underlying cause of the skin.
It does not simply improve the skin, but it accurately finds different skin problems for each person and proposes a smart solution, as if wearing a GPS inside the skin.

hus,hu Clinique hus,hu proposes 1:1 customized consulting
To change the future

Avoid one-size-fits-all procedures.
In principle, accurate observation of the current skin condition is required to find the most ideal beauty prior to any treatment.

  • 1

    Self-diagnosis program

  • 2

    VISIA skin measurement

  • 3

    VECTRA 3D imaging system

  • 4

    Touch up program

hus,hu Scientific analysis using state-of-the-art equipment

  • Skin measurement using VISIA

    You can accurately measure the condition of your skin through VISIA Measurement, a state-of-the-art skin measuring instrument.
    We help you select the most ideal skin treatment and care program by scientifically analyzing not only current skin concerns but also potential skin concerns.
    Skin blemishes, spots, size and distribution of pores, degree and distribution of latent pigmentation, depth and distribution of wrinkles, redness and skin sensitivity, UV pigmentation, degree of pigmentation of blemishes, degree of skin aging, degree of pigmentation You can analyze distribution, sebum distribution, etc.

    *We start counseling by checking the skin condition through the VISIA program.
  • Anti-aging check using VECTRA

    Vectra is a 3D virtual plastic surgery system, a state-of-the-art electronic system that allows you to compare before and after treatment.
    Vectra accurately measures the patient's condition before the procedure, and multi-dimensionally analyzes and predicts the results that can be realized through virtual simulation.

hus,hu What is Clinique hus,hu Medical Aesthetic?

Clinique hus,hu Medical Aesthetic solves problems
with a professional skin care program under the accurate diagnosis of a dermatologist.

If you want to improve your skin problems through regular skin care, or if you have a sensitive skin type and feel uncomfortable with laser treatment, meet hus,hu Medical Aesthetic.

  • Accurate diagnosis and detailed direction
    By licensed dermatologists
  • Medical skin care
    that incorporates medical knowledge
  • Professional esthetician
  • Customized skin care
    for each skin type and situation
  • The latest expensive
    skin care equipment
  • Use of premium
    high-performance products
  • Private room
    for VIP customers
  • Thorough
    hygiene management
hus,hu stem cell therapy


Clinique hus,hu's cell therapy
contains only the core of living body regeneration.

Clinique hus,hu Guide

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