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Healthy, flawless and clean skin!
You can get it at Clinique hus,hu


Clinique hus,hu Melastep™ Fomular
makes healthy and clear skin.

“If I had been treated at Clinique hus,hu from the beginning, I think the spots and pigmentation would have improved quickly.”
“Clinique hus,hu’s whitening treatment using a unique formula and it’s different!”
“Don’t just ask questions, you will trust us after getting treatment with Visia and Vectra.”

hus,hu Why is Cinique hus,hu famous for Melasma treatment?
Why is Cinique hus,hu famous for pigmentation disorder treatment?

1 Procedures performed by licensed dermatologists
Pigmentation disorders are considered complex and challenging problems to address.
The key to proper treatment is having a thorough understanding of skin histology and determine the direction of treatment by making appropriate predictions.
Dermatologists are highly skilled medical specialists with advanced knowledge and experience in the field of dermatology compared to general physicians.
check to see if they have the Association of Korean Dermatologists mark, which shows whether treatments are actually provided by licensed dermatologists.

2 Fundamental skin treatment using the independently developed beauty ingredient, Melastep Formula.
Skin pigmentation problems are associated with the expression pattern of melanin.
The deposition of melanin, the main culprit of this pigment, goes through four major stages.
Based on the experience of whitening treatment in the past, Clinique hus,hu
We have developed Melastep Formula, an optimal combination of ingredients that act on each.
Going one step further than just treating a simple problem, from fundamental treatment for the cause to home care, (based on Melastep ingredients) the differentiated whitening treatment of Clinique hus,hu provides more effective treatment.

hus,hu Why must I seek treatment from a licensed dermatologist?

Accurate diagnosis based on the determination of the exact cause and progress is key to ensuring proper treatment.

Do they both look the same to you?

Actually, the skin condition is lentigo in Photograph A and melasma in Photograph B.
They may appear similar to the naked eye, but if you have a background in skin histology, you’ll immediately be able to tell the two apart based on the location of the pigmented lesions.

From the perspective of skin histology, when it comes to epidermal pigmentations such as lentigo (blemishes, age spots, etc.) and freckles,
the pigments are concentrated in the basal layer, which is the bottommost layer of the epidermis.

On the other hand, dermal pigmentations such as melasma and nevi of Ota, the pigments are located deeper inside the skin in the dermis layer.
Also, even with the same epidermal pigmentations such as lentigo, café au lait spots and freckles, the reactions to treatments are very different.
For instance, there are low risks when it comes to treating freckles with a powerful laser, but if a powerful laser is applied on café au lait spots, it may aggravate the melanocytes and cause darker pigmentation.
Accordingly, safe treatment can only be guaranteed by dermatologists with the advanced knowledge necessary to make an accurate diagnosis of pigmented lesions and to employ a proper treatment method depending on the location of the pigmented lesions and the characteristics of the melanocytes.

hus,hu One in the world, customized management just for you

Clinique hus,hu X SkinCeuticals
Clinique hus,hu Customized Aesthetic uses customized products according to the patient's skin characteristics to maximize the effect in all skin care.
The only cosmetic that suits your skin!
Experience a new world of customized skin care with Custom Dose.

hus,hu stem cell therapy


Clinique hus,hu's cell therapy
contains only the core of living body regeneration.

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