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Clinique hus,hu


A natural volumizing effect
Achieved with collagen generation


Why choose Clinique hus,hu for Ellanse?

Ellanse of Clinique hus,hu is based on the principle of injecting the correct amount to the area where it is absolutely necessary.
For satisfactory volume treatment, the operator's technique and accurate prior diagnosis of the patient are essential.
Clinique hus,hu scientifically analyzes and treats only the areas that are essential to the patient.

hus,hu Asia's only
Ellanse International Medical Consulting Hospital

Clinique hus,hu is a member of the ELLANSE International Medical Advisory Board
selected by Sinclair Aesthetic which is the headquarters of Ellanse based in the United Kingdom.
The members of the Ellanse International Medical Advisory Board(MAB)engage in diverse research activities to develop new healthcare technologies and products, together with the headquarters of Ellanse,
To contribute to the advancement of healthcare technology, and could be described as the “Pioneers of Ellanse”

hus,hu Ellanse, let's know this first


It seems like volume gets little bit reduced after 1 month since I got Ellanse, why?

Ellanse’s key ingredient is to promote autologous collagen production.
Although it is a PCL ingredient, it also contains CMC ingredients that creates volumes immediately right after the procedure

Since this CMC ingredient is gradually absorbed immediately after the procedure, the volume will decrease until 6 weeks.
However, the PCL ingredient promotes collagen production, and the volume rises again after about 8 weeks.
And the volumes, filled with autologus collagen lasts around 2 years.
Your Ellanse procedure should be done by skillful dermatologists who know those factors.

Did you know that? Prediction of results is really important for Ellanse.

VECTRA Multi-dimensional analyzing program

VISIA Program

Once Ellanse is injected, your face starts to swell.

So if your doctor doesn’t have enough experiences, you might get asymmetrical face because he can’t figure out what is volume and what is swelling.
Since volumes are created with autologous collagen, it is also really important for doctor to predict results.
In Clinique hushu, our experienced dermatologiest will design your treatment carefully with accurate result predictions, based on VECTRA photos in ultra-high resolution 3D.

They say it doesn’t swell after Ellanse filler treatment. Is it true?

Most clinics advertise that Ellanse doesn’t cause swelling after the treatment.
This is a misunderstanding.
Swelling is lessened when only small amount is injected, and there are not that many cases requiring large dosage.

Ellanse has both CMC and glycerin components that cause the swelling about a week.
Therefore, it is crucial to check if your doctor has much experience in large-dosage procedures.

Did you check the post management programs they have against side effects?

It is hard to readjust the figure once Ellanse is injected and settled in.

So you must check out if the clinic can deal with post treatment for swellings or noticeable facial imbalances, and what kinds of preventive programs they have against any side effects.

★★★ Is your choice of clinic the one that can rectify wrongful procedures
Is it well-known for Ellanse filler treatment?

Ellanse might look like general filler but they are totally different. So if you’re considering taking retouch steps on Ellanse treatment,
you should go to the physician, a dermatologist, who fully understands the Ellanse volume-adjusting cycle & procedures.
Clinique hus,hu is the one that fixes others’ wrongful

[ Ellanse's headquarters, Sinclair's international consulting medical institution, Clinique hus,hu ]

hus,hu Characteristics of Cliniue hus,hu’s Procedure

Complete anesthesia equipment

Bruises, wounds, and blood vessel injection are minimized using cannula and nano needles (micro needles), and delicate designs that take advantage of individual facial features are possible with nano needles.
In order to cope with side effects that may occur after the procedure, Clinique hus,hu has a customized program for each individual through aesthetics and procedures.

  • Pain and swelling Down
    Effect is UP
  • Bruises, wounds Down
    Design satisfaction UP
  • Management system that
    enhances treatment effect

hus,hu Produces and sustains collagen in the skin

Ellanse maintains an immediate volume increase effect and long lasting effect,
and creates a premium effect that produces collagen to maintain volume for a long time.

  • After 9 months

    PCL(White clusters) remains after 9 months and red parts are where collagen generated.
  • After 9 months (polarized photo)

    You can see that collagen (red arrow, green arrow) is generated.
  • 21 months after treatment(polarized picture)

    Compared to "After 9 months" space where PCL placed, maintains volumes and produced collagen Improves skin elasticity as well.

Volume Booster

The volume from the inside
and vast amounts of moisture

hus,hu Volume Booster

Why choose Clinique hus,hu for volume treatment?

Clinique hus,hu maintains HA filler advisory committee that has been recognized
by Restylane and Juvederm filler, representative companies in HA filler.

Treatment is performed by dermatologists acknowledged by the head office.
The treatment is generally known as safe but patients cannot be free from side effects if they receive the treatment from incompetent dermatologists.
It is necessary for patients to receive treatment from dermatologists who have sufficient anatomical knowledge and experience in the field.
  • Juvederm

  • Restlyne


Juvéderm is a filler approved by the FDA as a hyaluronic acid gel dermal filler.
A filler that recovers natural volume using VYCROSS ™ technology.
It is used in 101 countries worldwide and is a brand that accounts for 38% of the global filler market.

Features of JUVÉDERM

VYCROSS™ technology
VYCROSS™ technology is a cross-linked technology of hyaluronic acid.
Cross-linking technology is an essential point to effectively combine low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.
Natural-look results
When the ratio of the solid and effective cross-linking between the molecules making up hyaluronic acid is increased, the viscosity and cohesivity are further increased.
For hyaluronic acid filler products, viscosity and cohesion are important factors in determining the volume effect, naturalness and duration.
Smooth texture
Juvéderm is made of a gel type.
The soft texture is visible enough even to the naked eye.


Improve chin volume
Restore facial volume
JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® with Lidocaine
Improve face wrinkles
JUVEDERM® VOLIFT® with Lidocaine
Improve wrinkles and increase lip volume
Relief of fine wrinkles in the cheek area

What is Restylane?

Restylane, a hyaluronic acid product approved by the US FDA, was launched in 1996.
It is a product with proven safety and effectiveness. For Restylane, a patented hyaluronic acid stabilization method (NASHA™, Patented) was used.
By reducing the use of chemical binders, it creates a safer and more natural beauty.

Features of Restylane

Produced the world's first hyaluronic acid product
Restylane is a hyaluronic acid product first developed in Sweden in 1996 and its reputation has been proven through 15 million procedures worldwide.
Patented NASHA™ technology
It is the patented NASHA™ technology that compares Restylane to other products.
Because it is manufactured using stable non-animal hyaluronic acid, it is 99% identical to hyaluronic acid produced by the human body, which is the highest level among all hyaluronic acid products.
Proven safety
As the first non-animal hyaluronic acid ingredient, it has been approved by European CE (1996) and US FDA (2003).

Types of Resylane

Restylane® OBT™

Restylane® Refyne™
Effective anti-wrinkle products based on OBT™ technology
Restylane® Defyne™
Natural anti-wrinkle products based on OBT™ technology
Restylane® Volyme™
OBT™ technology based wrinkle improvement and volume restoration products

Restylane® Skinbooster™ NASHA™

Restylane® Lidocaine
Improving facial lines temporarily
Restylane® Lyft™ Lidocaine
Improves facial wrinkles and restores volume
Restylane® Skinbooster™ Vital Lidocaine
Improves fine wrinkles by effectively supplying hyaluronic acid to the skin
Restylane® Skinbooster™ Vital Light Lidocaine
Improves fine wrinkles naturally and gently even on thin skin

hus,hu Areas that can be treated with volume

hus,hu stem cell therapy


Clinique hus,hu's cell therapy
contains only the core of living body regeneration.

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